Body Shop Fitness is a members-only gym that is accessible via smartphone. Due to our desire to provide the best possible experience for our clients, we will be operating on a capped membership basis. After we meet our member cap you will be able to join the waiting list.

Now Open. Please contact us to schedule a tour.

Pricing and Benefits

You have options to best fit your needs. Pay the whole year up front and get the discounted rate shown. You may also pay month-to-month. ***Prices below are our early-supporter specials and are good for a limited time only.

Payment Types Accepted: We accept all credit/debit card payments in person and over the phone. Paying the year up front will be one lump sum at the discounted rates shown below. Recurring payments will be charged monthly onto your credit/debit card. ***All card payments incur a 2% transaction fee. For your security we do not store credit card numbers, we utilize a third party bank portal to charge your card account monthly.

Membership Activation: One-time fee applied to all plans. Grants smartphone access and full account setup. $30

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel any plan with at least 30 days notice. Membership months are not pro-rated, so the completion of your current month and one full month of membership will occur after your notice of cancellation.

Unlimited: 24/7/365 access to our gym at $50/month when prepaid. On Sale For Just $600/year or $65 monthly. Sign-up and stay active with an immediate family member(same household) and each of you will receive an additional $5/ea. discount if on the monthly plan.

The unlimited plan(pre-paid or drafted monthly) has a unique benefit through our partnership with 55 Auto Works that includes complimentary oil changes for one personal vehicle per membership as long as your gym membership is active. Just another way “We keep you running”. ***Oil change intervals are 3000 for conventional and 5000 for synthetic.

Weekends: Entry access for 48 hours/week. All Saturday and Sunday. $300/year or $30 monthly

Pick-your-weekday(limited number of this type per day): 24 hour access. Your choice of one day/week(Entry access midnight-midnight). $220/year or $25 monthly. (You may switch days if there is availability.)